Diligence Assignments – Ship and Terminal

OBQS are regularly praised by Client’s (Majors and Traders) for providing high quality Due Diligence.

Our assignments range from assessments before Time Charters for Vessel’s and FSO’s, and we have been despatched globally to check Storage Terminals and even Refineries, for Spot, Term lease, or even Acquisition.

The comprehensive reports provided have been used by Client’s for various purposes such as to secure Trade Finance and negotiate better Insurance Terms, to help Traders and their Management to identify and implement the best operating procedures for the various facilities. They also help to identify opportunities that may have been previously unrealised, and to better trade around the asset.

On the other hand, a number of diligence assignments have highlighted severe limitations that were formerly unknown, allowing our Client’s to negotiate better terms, or simply to pull out before wasting valuable time, effort, and funds.

Thorough Diligence is a valuable tool!

Insurance / Assurance surveys
Once up and running it is often prudent to send in an Expeditor to conduct spot audits to ensure that the leased or owned facility is running at optimum level, to identify problems and opportunities and to fine tune the operations to achieve the best efficiency. OBQS act as Client representatives and field auditors to facilitate this.