Feasibility Studies

Our clients regularly think of creative ideas/plans to enhance their business or improve their profitability. OBQS are often consulted at the concept stage onwards and can provide a discrete assessment of the practicality of the venture by researching relevant information from various sources, investigating the pros and cons of the idea, coming up with solutions to potential issues that have been identified, and by provision of a comprehensive and detailed report determining the best way forward.

Discretion is ensured by implementation of non-disclosure documentation at these times.

Project Realization

Once feasibility studies have been completed with or without OBQS involvement, we often assist with making projects work on the ground floor. Teams of various size as appropriate can be assigned for larger / long term projects and regular tweaking can be made as necessary to optimize and keep the project on track.

Budget Tracking

Once projects have been implemented and work has begun, OBQS have been able to ‘Project Manage’ the costs relating to a project, from initial budget through to final yield of profits. Throughout the term of the project we can keep track of costs, ensure funds and profitability are being efficiently optimized. We work closely with our clients to ensure their goals are achieved in the most economic manner.