Oil, Bulk & Quality Services Limited (OBQS) was established in Jersey in 1988. The group of professionals behind this independently owned company realised that there was an urgent need to provide an effective service to help reduce commercial risks during the sale, purchase, or storage of crude oil and petroleum products.

The continuing success of the company has been due to the consistent positive commercial benefit that has been provided to our Clients i.e. Oil Majors, Trading Houses, NOC’s, Banks, and Insurance Companies.

By providing our specialised services and advice on a personal basis we help to INCREASE our CLIENTS’ PROFITS, while reducing the stress, problems and other negative issues associated with cargo movements.

Our services range from Oil & Bulk Loss Control, through to Due Diligence for Vessel’s, Storage Terminals, Refineries, and even Oil Recovery. We also offer complete Business Development strategies, Operator Training, and Project Realisation solutions.

OBQS are willing to operate wherever our Clients require our services – providing that safety is assured

Our Policies & Aims

Oil, Bulk & Quality Services Limited (OBQS) has steadily expanded its range of activities since the Company’s establishment and is continually looking for new ways to better serve our Clients.

Our Policy is to:

  • Provide a discrete, confidential professional service
  • Employ the best people based on their experience, technical and commercial knowledge
  • Protect our Clients interests
  • Provide and promote technical excellence
  • Maintain and improve our Clients professional image with their clients.
  • We achieve our results through expertise and hard work, nothing else. We do not tolerate anything but the highest level of working practices. The reputation of our clients is paramount and we will never put it at risk.

Our Aim is to:

Provide an expert service that is efficient, effective, practical and profitable to our Clients. This adds value to our Clients business and affords better control of their risks.

Quality Management

  • OBQS has been continually ISO accredited since 2005, and currently holds QMS 9001:2015 accreditation.
  • We are committed to providing a top-level service and are continuously identifying means to improve our performance through regular two-way communication with our valued Client’s.
  • To keep abreast and implement the latest Industry developments we are proud to sit on the Energy Institute HMC3 Committee, which develops new EI/API standards and guidelines.
  • OBQS carries Employer’s Liability, Professional Indemnity, & Employee Health Insurance which exceeds our most stringent Client’s requirements.

Safety Culture

  • OBQS uses Risk based analysis  tools to operate at the highest possible safety levels. 
  • All Personnel from Top Management to Expeditors are actively encouraged to think ‘Safety’ at all times.
  • OBQS participate in regular Safety seminars held by Client’s and other Industry leaders.
  • We strive for ‘Goal Zero’ incidents and ensure that our Personnel reach home safely